The company has developed creative and quality-driven projects in partnership with its diverse partners and clients including:


• Latino Economic Development Center (LEDC)

• El Colegio Charter School

• University of Minnesota Extension (Youth Work Institute)

• Saint Paul Police Departament (SPPD)

• Minneapolis Public Schools

• Polaris

• Minnesota Black Chamber of Commerce

• Minnesota Twins

• Juncos Racing

• Professional Tax Services

• Saint Paul Public Schools, among others…




In 2010, Gustavo founded Patagonia Visual Solutions, a company dedicated to assist its clients with their marketing and media projects while developing successful strategies to reach their communication, engagement, and/or sales goals. Patagonia Visual Solutions has developed video and marketing solutions for clients such as: University of Minnesota- Extension Programs, LEDC (Latino Economic Development Center),Polaris, MN Twins Diversity Division, Brightpeak Financial, Minnesota Black Chamber of Commerce, NASHMBA-Minnesota Chapter, Saint Paul Public Schools, Juncos Racing and  many more. Gustavo spends his days working with new tools and technology to enhance his work.


PVS also offers audio support services for events that host no more than 200 people. We come to you event and set-up a modern and sophisticated audio system that includes, wireless mics, speakers, and technical support during the event so you don’t have to worry about your audio needs to make the event a great experience for everyone!


PVS is developing live social media solutions for different events. With a high quality broadcasting video services that includes up to 4 cameras, this service is ideal for board meetings, conferences and trainings that need to reach a broader audience on real time.

Gustavo Rosso, Patagonia Visual Solutions Founder/Owner, was born in Justo Daract, Argentina. He went to elementary school and high school in his home town and graduated in 1994 with a high school General Contractor Diploma. His passion for photography and videography developed early in his life. In 1995 he traveled to the U.S. to explore education and employment opportunities while visiting his sister who lives in Minnesota. He returned to Argentina to work in various roles within the Argentinean national media and TV businesses. He lived in Buenos Aires from 1997 until 1999.


In March of 2000, Gustavo was accepted to the University of Minnesota English Language Program and then University of St. Thomas English Institute. He moved to Minnesota to study English and pursued a video/media production career. In March of 2001 he enrolled in Century College to continue English as a second language education and Digital Media studies. Gustavo graduated from Century College in 2005.


He worked at Minnesota Experience, TV show as digital media specialist. He was recognized with a ’25 on the Rise’ award in 2006, as a promising Latino emerging leader. Gustavo worked in various media and marketing campaigns with the Minnesota Hispanic Chamber of Commerce between 2007 and 2009.




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